Szállítmányozási és Tömegárufuvarozó Kft.

Port logistics

The Danube offers a possibility for transportation by waterway at a distance of 2,850 km and across ten countries, from Germany to the Black Sea. There are 24 ports on the Hungarian section of the Danube that are suitable for loading and unloading, and we are in a close logistic relation with the majority of those, as a result of which we can develop a complex logistics offer for our customers, if required.

We maintain close and old business relationships with several seaports, therefore we undertake the direct loading of seagoing vessels, the complete logistics of block trains, as well as the completion of transports to and from the warehouses of ports.

We offer the following major port services:

  • direct or indirect connecting transports in case of barge loadings
  • transports to port warehouses
  • direct deliveries from barges
  • organizing port services
  • transports between port warehouses
  • organizing customs transactions
  • full-scope logistics of block trains
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