Szállítmányozási és Tömegárufuvarozó Kft.

Railway logistics

We complete block train consignments and unloadings with a large number of mobile machines (optirak 150 B, high-performance unloading conveyor and Kobzarenko RVM-180) and with experienced railway brigades at all freight depots and railways sidings of Hungary that are suitable for railway loading and unloading. We maintain an established system of contracts with private railway companies, local station masters and competent authorities.

We offer personal supervision during cargo handling. If required, we can close the railway wagons also with our own seals and we administer road and railway documents. We conduct the dry cleaning of freight depots and railway wagons. If required, we provide railway sidings in the municipalities of Békéscsaba, Székesfehérvár and Adony.

With the assistance of our high-performance unloading conveyor and our Kobzarneko RVM-180 machine, we are capable of continuously unloading high quantities of cargo from block trains at all freight depots of Hungary that are suitable for railway loading and unloading.

We maintain a close relationship with all railway companies of the market, therefore we can also offer block trains to our customers, if required. Since 2015, we also hold a GMP+ B3 certificate, as a result of which our company can manage the entire process of loading, transport and documenting in case of GMP+ block trains, following a consultation in advance.

We offer the following major railway services:

  • Mapping and selecting railway stations and railway sidings that are suitable for loading and unloading.
  • Checking and possible dry cleaning of railway wagons
  • Communication with all contacts of a transaction (customer, quality control, warehouses, Hungarian State Railways [MÁV], railway freight forwarder, as well as – if required – plant health- and animal health authorities and other official bodies)
  • Personal presence at the official weighing of empty and full states carried out by the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV)
  • Loading control and loading in maximum compliance with all safety requirements
  • Organizing connecting road transports
  • Control weighing of trucks used for transport
  • Complete railway documentation
  • We offer a weight guarantee on the quantity loaded or unloaded (in case of official weighing by the Hungarian State Railways [MÁV]).
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