Szállítmányozási és Tömegárufuvarozó Kft.

General Cargo

Domestic transports

We complete thousands of transports every year in the entire territory of Hungary, from a quantity of 1 palette to a full truck load. We are the strategic partner of several companies producing construction materials, animal foods, and products of the timber-, paper- and plastic industry.

We use our experience of nearly 20 years related to the transport of agricultural produce also during the transport of packaged input products (fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products). We also undertake transports with interchangeable palettes.

International transports

In addition to full truck loads (FTL) and less than truck loads (LTL), we also organize and complete groupage transports in the entire territory of Europe and also beyond the borders of the EU. We also coordinate the customs administration of more and more transports every year.

Specialized transports

Aligned with the special needs of our Partners, we undertake to transport hazardous goods (ADR) and oversized cargos both in domestic and in international relations. In order to ensure the accurate and faultless transport and documentation of hazardous goods, our company employs an ADR specialist.

Complex logistics

In order to be able to offer full service to our customers, we have a complex logistics service. In this context, we undertake to transport the products of our Partners from the factory to the warehouse, to store the products, to conduct various warehouse-related activities (keeping stock records, labeling, repackaging, picking), if required, and of course, the delivery of products from transports with vans to quantities of full truck load.

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